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  • Taekkyon martial art & Hapkido.

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    • Taekkyon is a rare & old martial art which is known for kicking & tripping the opponent over. Its fast high and low kicks are similar, yet different to other martial arts.

      Even though Taekkyon is known for its kicking prowess, it is tripping & locking techniques which are the major part of Taekkyon. These tripping & locking techniques are applied to the opponent’s feet & legs, & are what differs this martial art to others.


      As well as kicking, & tripping, a Taekkyon  practitioner aims to:

      * grapple/ wrestle

      * use hand fighting

      * throw


      Taekkyon is a soft martial art, & employs circular movements, thus it can appear dance like. (Outside is soft, inside is hard 《外柔内刚》)。 However from within softness, power & speed can easily emerge.

      Taekkyon was considered unique more than one century ago and was described as, "The one hundred amazing flying leg techniques -  百技神通飛脚術".

      Taekkyon is a traditional Korean martial art, which in 2011 was recognised by Unesco, of the United Nations, as an intangible cultural assest worth protecting.

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    • Techniques Of Taekkyon

      Below are the main techniques of the Taekkyon martial art.

    • Feet / Stance


      Teakkyon stance and foot placement is unique. It is a very strong stance and is adaptive to changing situations as the feet are always moving. Due to this, defence and attack are made easier. It is dissimilar to that of other Korean martial arts of Taekwondo & Hapkido.

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    • Tripping


      Tripping and locking of the legs, is applied with kicking or wrestling.

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    • Kicking


      Taekkyon kicks are similar, yet different to those of other martial arts such as Taekwondo, Hapkido, Karate, and so on.

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    • Hands/ Arms -Circular

      Hands/ Arms -Circular


      The hands move constantly in a circular motion. Due to this, it is easier for the hands to enage in offensive & defensive techniques with an opponent. The rotating arms are adaptive to changing situations during an encounter.

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    • Wrestling

      Wrestling & Throwing


      Taekkyon wrestling has some unique techniques, including tripping, locking, & hooking of the legs.

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    • Joint locks

      Joint locks


      The very few joint lock techniques that exist in Taekkyon, involve locking the joints of the knee, ankle........

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    • Strikes


      Taekkyon strikes involve hand and palm techniques. Punch etc.....

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    • Arms And Feet Applied Concurrently


      The feet and hands are applied simultaniously. Doing this breaks the opponent's balance.

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