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  • Hapkido

  • The Hapkido martial art is taught to military and police forces around the world, as it is particularly effective for arresting and subduing an opponent quickly.

    Due to Hapkido’s arresting techniques it is also a good martial art for self defence. Emphasis is also placed on evading an attacker, escaping from being held, grabbed, or choked.

    Hapkido joint lock to wrist elbow.

    At our Hapkido school, students learn and practice joint locks, in order to arrest and control an attacker.

    At higher levels, students learn to apply joint locks to an attacker who punches and kicks.

    A joint lock is the twisting of an attackers joint at their wrist, elbow, knee, or ankle. This is to control the attaker, and to prevent them from moving. Twisting and controlling an attacker’s joints results in much pain and disables an attacker.


    • self defence
    • joint locks
    • avoidance of punches
    • blocking of punches
    • pressure points
    • kicks
    • break falls


    • gain confidence
    • become fit

    Beginners are welcome as are other martial artists. Classes are small and friendly.

    We do not teach sports martial arts nor game martial arts. We teach effictive martial arts for self defence.

    Learning & practicing hapkido should increase one’s fitness, flexibility, confidence.

    Location of classes:

    Hapkido self defence classes are taught in Artarmon, Lane Cove, and North Sydney, on the lower north shore of Sydney.

    Artarmon is central to Lane Cove, Greenwich, St. Leonards, Willoughby, and Chatswood. Artarmon is only five minutes drive away by car from Lane Cove and Willoughby. As are St Leonards and Chatswood.

    Artarmon is on the north shore train line, and is one station away from Chatswood and St Leonards in either direction.