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  • Hapkido

  • Hapkido is a good martial art for self defence as emphasis is placed on escaping from being held, grabbed, or choked. Hapkido also teaches one to evade an attacker where the attacker attempts to grab.

    Controlling and arresting one’s attacker with joint locks is learnt.


    • self defence
    • joint locks
    • avoidance of punches
    • blocking of punches
    • pressure points
    • kicks
    • break falls

    Beginners are welcome.

    Hapkido self defence classes are taught in Artarmon on the lower north shore of Sydney.

    Artarmon is only five minutes drive away by car from Lane Cove and Willoughby. St Leonards and Chatswood are also only five minutes drive away by car, and are also one train station away by train.