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  • Kicking

  • Taekkyon kicks are different to those of other martial arts. They are smooth & flowing without having a snapping action, & knee joints are not locked. When kicking, smoothness, remaining natural, not stiff, and bending of the supporting leg at the knee like a spring are emphasised.

    Taekkyon kicks are peformed both when standing very close to the opponent, or like Taekwondo where kicks are usually preformed further away from the opponent.

    Power is derived from bending and rising of the supporting leg at the knee, pushing of the hips, and movement of the upper body in relation to the movement of the kicking leg. The whole body moves rather than just moving the kicking leg.

    Taekkyon kicks have a pushing action rather than a whipping action seen in Taekwondo.

    Please refer to Feet / Stance section to learn more about Taekkyon kicks.