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  • Wrestling

  • Taekkyon is known for kicking, but there are also other techniques. One major technique is wrestling and throwing.

    In a Taekkyon wrestling match, kicks are not used. However, in a Taekkyon fighting match, kicks and wrestling are applied together.

    Taekkyon wrestling is similar to Chinese Shuai Jiao wrestling. In addition, Taekkyon wrestling has some other unique techniques with legs, as well as hand techniques.

    A notable difference between Taekkyon wrestling and Chinese Shuai Jiao wrestling is that clothing is not to be grabbed nor held onto in a Taekkyon wrestling match. Yet the jacket may be grabbed in Chinese Shuai Jiao wrestling. Thus during Taekkyon wrestling, the opponent’s neck and arms are grabbed and locked onto.

    Teakkyon and Shuai Jiao wrestling are both very old types of wrestling. And it is likely that they originate from ancient Gak Li (Jiao Li 角力) wrestling.